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Thème Agreg externe June (12/20)

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Nathan did not get much sleep that night. The next day, he woke up late, soaked with cold sweat, and the first thing he felt was the pain in his chest which had not gone away. He massaged his right side and thought he could feel an even sharper pain. On top of it, he had dreamt again about drowning – a clear sign of his anxiety – probably because Goodrich had talked to him about swans. He got up and felt his legs swagger. He was so weak that he even put a thermometer under his armpit. 37.8 – nothing to worry about. Yet, because of his poor shape and the late hour, he decided it was wiser not to go running – it was going to be a very bad day then. In the drug cabinet, he took a pill of Prozac and swallowed it down with a gulp of water. He had been taking some ever since…ever since he had started feeling at one with nothing anymore. He picked up the files that were scattered on the couch. Last night, he had achieved very little. He had rather work twice as much today, all the more as he was finally about to strike a deal in the Rightby’s case. His client, the famous auction company, was accused of having violated the antitrust law. They had agreed with their main competitor to set comparable commission rates for art sales. It was a tricky case and he had worked endless hours on it. But if he managed to obtain a fair bargain, his reputation would be increased one step further. Although he was late, he spent long minutes under the warm water, picturing again Kevin Williamson’s suicide. He also pondered over some of Goodrich’s words: “I think I could help you, Nathan. Some hardships can be painful, you’ll see.” He had also mentioned the “necessity to get ready”. What on earth did this guy expect from him? The whole thing was starting to worry him. Was he supposed to tell someone – the police maybe? After all, a man had died yesterday evening and it was no small matter. But then, he had committed suicide. Dozens of people could testify to it. Yet, Goodrich could not but have a share of responsibility in the affair. Anyway, he held information which he should not have kept to himself. He stepped out of the shower and wiped his body energetically.