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Cette page en construction concerne les manuels de lycée. Inscrivez les pages qui concernent les thèmes donnés ou trouvez une autre répartition mais COMPLETEZ-la merci :).





General Pages

the first settlers

going west

the war of independence

Slavery and The civil War

Twentieth century history

The Cold War

The Sixties


September 11th 2001

The American Dream

Récits d’immigrants

Self made men


Social realities

The American population

Native Americans

Native American philosophy

The Meeting by Mary Ryan, in Hope (2001) Broadways Terminale LV2 pp. 84-85

Indian chiefs and battles

Modern Native Americans



The Black Panther party

Martin Luther King

Racial relations

Other communities

The Amish

The USA today

Institutions and politics


Values and symbols

Famous American Icons

American Places

New York




Henry VIII

Elizabeth I


The Industrial revolution

Britain and World War I & II

The UK today

Immigrants in the UK

Defining Britain

National symbols


A typical Englishman

English reputation, Who are the british ?


'Politics in the UK


Monarchy and the royal family

Queen Elizabeth

Places in GB





Notting Hill Carnival


The United Kingdom

Making the United Kingdom




Northern Ireland


The Famine



  • ANZAC Day: New Password Didier 2nde - U6
  • Canada: New Missions Tle-Door 7 - The Underground Railway, the Vietnam Deserters, Immigration, British Home Children, a place to study and live.

The Commonwealth



South Africa

Nelson Mandela

Apartheid and discrimination

Post-Apartheid South Africa




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Caste system

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Monica Ali

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“How to be a Guru” George Mikes Open Access 1e, Hatier 1989, p. 233

Circle Bhartrhari, circa 5th century AD Broad Ways 1e, Nathan 2002, p. 45



Guy Fawkes


July 4th

New Year’s day

St Patrick’s Day

Red Nose Day


Valentine Day