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  • adobe (house) : maison/case en pisé, en terre.
  • apartment block ou apartment building :a block of flats.


  • back-to-back: a type of house built in British industrial cities in the 19th century, with a row of houses all joined together, and the walls of one row very close to the walls of the next row.
  • barracks : caserne
  • bedsitter (bedsit : UK) : a combination bedroom and sitting -room.
  • boarding house: a house in which people pay to live as guests with the family who owns it = a rooming house (US)= une pension de famille.
  • brownstone (US): a house made of red-brown sandstone, especially one built in the cities of the eastern U.S. (New York, Boston, Chicago )in the nineteenth century.
  • bungalow: a (small) house that is all on one level.
  • bunkhouse : a hostel.


  • cabin: a small simple wooden house in the mountains or in a forest. (un chalet, une hutte, une case).
  • carport (US): a roofed, wall-less shed, usually projecting from the side of a building, used as a shelter for an automobile.
  • chalet: a wooden house built in a mountain area, especially in Switzerland. Its roof usually has steep sides.
  • condo or Condominium: a building that contains several flats, each of which is owned by the people who live there.
  • cottage: a small house, usually in a village or the countryside.


  • dacha: a house in the countryside in Russia that someone lives in at weekends or during holidays.
  • dorm: a dormitory, a students' hall (of residence).
  • duplex(US): a semi-detached house, a house divided into two separate living units with separate entrances.
  • dwelling: a house, flat, or other shelter in which someone lives.


  • earth-sheltered building : habitat semi-enterré.
  • efficicency apartment : a small flat or bedsit.


  • grange: a large country house with farm buildings near it.
  • guest house: a small house for guests on the property of a larger house. Also a boarding house.


  • habitation: a house
  • hacienda: a large estate in Spanish-speaking country, and often, the house of the owner on such an estate.
  • haveli: a large private mansion in India and Pakistan.
  • hostel: a building where people can stay and get meals if they have no home or have been forced to leave their home (un foyer), a building where people living away from home can stay and get meals at low prices (un type d'auberges de jeunesse ou d'hôtel à bas coût).
  • houseboat: péniche (où on habite).
  • housing: buildings for people to live in. A type of housing : un type de logement.
  • housing estate (UK) / housing development (US)/ a housing project : lotissement.
  • hovel : a small , msierable dwelling (un bouge, une cahute, un taudis)


  • lodge: a small house built on land belonging to a large house. A hunting lodge : un pavillon de chasse.
  • love nest: a house or flat where two people go to be together, especially if they are having a secret love affair. More generally, a place for making love.


  • maiso(n)nette : an apartment, usually of two floors connected by an internal staircase; duplex apartment.
  • manor: a large house with a lot of land and small buildings around it.
  • mansion: a large house, especially a beautiful one.
  • mobile home: a house built in a factory and moved to a piece of land on a truck = a trailer (US).


  • new build: a house that has recently been built.
  • nursing home : a care home, a rest home (une maison de repos/ de convalescence).


  • oast house : séchoir à houblon.
  • orphanage: a building where orphans live and are looked after


  • palace: a very large building, especially one used as the official home of a royal family, president, or important religious leader.
  • penthouse: an apartment or dwelling on the roof of a building, usually set back from the outer walls. Un apartement en terrasse.
  • pied-à-terre: a small flat or house, especially in a city, that someone owns or rents in addition to their main house.
  • place: a house, flat etc for living in.


  • rambler : a one-story house in a suburb (US).
  • ranch house: a house on one level, often with a roof that does not slope much, the main house on a ranch.
  • reception centre: a building in which people who have arrived in a country and have no home, or who have had to leave their home, stay temporarily until someone in authority decides where they will go.
  • rectory : vicarage : priest's house (presbytère).
  • retirement home: maison de retraite.


  • safe house: a building that is used for hiding people or protecting them from danger.
  • saltbox (US):
  • semi: a semi-detached house is joined to another house by one wall that they share.
  • shelter: a temporary place to live for people who do not have their own homes, or for animals who have been treated in a cruel way.
  • skyscraper : a very tall building of many storeys / stories, especially one for office or commercial use.
  • slum: a run-down, overcrowded place in a very deprived area.
  • split-level house
  • stately home: a large house in the UK that belongs, or used to belong, to an important family.
  • storey house: a house that has more than one level.
  • student acccomodation , student digs(familiar): logement étudiant.
  • summer house: a house, especially in the mountains or near the sea, that is used for summer holidays. A vacation house.


  • tepee: a conical tent of the Native American Indians.
  • terraced house: a house in a row of similar houses joined together on both sides. The American word is row house.
  • timeshare: a flat or house that you buy with other people so that you can each use it for a particular amount of time every year;Timesharing: the practice of owning a timeshare
  • town house:an expensive house near the main part of a town or city.
  • tract house : one of numerous houses of similar or complementary design constructed on a tract of land
  • treehouse : platform or building constructed in a tree.
  • unit, a home unit : (New Zealand, Australia) : a flat.
  • vacation house


  • wickiup : (in Nevada, Arizona, etc.) an American Indian hut made of brushwood or covered with mats.
  • wigwam : a round tent of the Native American Indians..
  • workhouse: in the 19th century, a building where poor people in Britain were sent to live and were given unpleasant work to do. Synonnym of a poorhouse.
  • yurt : a tentlike dwelling of the Mongol peoples of central Asia,