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LELE : littérature étrangère en langue étrangère

Cette page en construction et modifiable par tous est le complément de Littérature Anglaise en Langue Anglaise en L. Elle est destinée à accueillir des ressources sur des oeuvres complètes et des idées de séquence pour la LELE en anglais. Pour le moment cette page est fortement inspirée du programme d'anglais de complément en vigueur jusqu'en juin 2012. Si un lien est invalide, remplacez-le, enlevez-le ou signalez-le à dropscone.agregink(arobase)gmail.com .


Albee (Edward)

The Zoo Story

  • Password Literature(Didier) - Chapitre 2

Alexie (Sherman)

  • Insight 2° Pages 144-5

Ten Little Indians

  • Bridges 1ère, p.56 (about reading)

Angelou (Maya)

  • Phenomenal Woman", Insight 1ère, p.72
  • I know why the caged birds sing, Missions Term, page 149

Teacher's guide : https://www.randomhouse.com/catalog/teachers_guides/9780345514400.pdf

Asimov (Isaac)

The Fun They Had

  • Insight 2nde, p.26

The Immortal Bard

  • Flying Colors 1ère, p.93

Atwood (Margaret)

Gertrude Talks Back (a short story)

The Handmaid's Tale

En français : https://books.google.fr/books?id=5PcmDwAAQBAJ&pg=PT7&hl=fr&source=gbs_toc_r&cad=3#v=onepage&q&f=false

Auden (W.H.)

  • "Refugee Blues", Insight Term, p.110
  • "Stop all the clocks", Meeting Point 1ère, p.230- Egalement dans Enjoy Literature.

Austen (Jane)


Pride and Prejudice

Auster (Paul)

Barnes (Julian)

Cross Channel

Un recueil de nouvelles inscrit au programme de langue de complément en 2007-2008.

Beckett (Samuel)

The Caretaker

Œuvre au programme de lecture de l'épreuve orale d'anglais, langue de complément LV1, en série littéraire, pour l'examen du baccalauréat général, sessions 2006 et 2007

Beecher Stowe (Harriet)

Uncle Tom's Cabin

  • Insight 1ère, p.168

Brontë (Charlotte)

Jane Eyre

Boyne (John)

The Boy in The Striped Pajamas

Burton (Tim)

  • The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy (poems)


Capote (Truman)

Breakfast at Tiffany's


Alice in Wonderland

Through the Looking-Glass (Jabberwocky)

Dossier d'agreg interne avec le poème et un texte sur le nonsense ftp://trf.education.gouv.fr/pub/edutel/siac/siac2/jury/2006/agreg_int/ang_DIDII.pdf

Cather (Willa):

liens généraux

My Antonia

Livre entier: http://searchlit.org/elibrary/pdf/MyAntonia.pdf

Résumés et analyses du roman entier:

Sites pour les profs (activités, fiches, tests) :

Chaucer( Geoffrey)

Coetzee (J.M.)

Waiting for the Barbarians

Collins (Wilkie)

The Woman in White

  • Meeting POint 1ère, p.105

Dahl (Roald)

Ressources générales

The Landlady

Lamb to the Slaughter

Defoe (Daniel)

Robinson Crusoe

  • Password literature (chapter 5)

Dickens (Charles)

David Copperfield

Oliver Twist

  • Insight 1ère, p.66
  • Project 1ère, p.16
  • Shortcuts 1ère, p.36
  • New On Target 2nde, p.24

A Christmas Carol

  • Insight 2nde, p.82

Hard Times

  • Bridges 1ère, p.128

Great Expectations

  • Discovering Literature, page 71

Frederick Douglass

Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave.

Duffy (Carol Ann)




Eliot (George)

The Mill on the Floss

  • Going PLaces 2nde, p.94

Fante (John)

1933 was a Bad Year

  • Bridges 1ère, p.20

Faulkner (William)

A Rose for Emily (short story)

Fitzgerald (Francis Scott)

The Diamond as Big as the Ritz

  • Insight 2nde, p.50

The Great Gatsby

Friel (Brian)


Frost (Robert)

Selected Poems

The Road not taken

Gaines (Ernest)

A Lesson before Dying

Scènes intéressantes à étudier.

  • Extract 1: p.7 "Gentlemen of the jury...". .. p.8 "Each and every one of us must live with his own conscience."
  • Extract 2: p,48 "It's about Jefferson, Sheriff Guidry"... p.50 "but I wouldn't plan on a diploma. Okay?"
  • Extract 3: p.75 "On Friday, our fourth visit..." ... p.79 "But they ain't nobody else."
  • Extract 4: p.99 "both ate some of the food..."... p.101 "That would be nice too, I said."
  • Extract 5: p.128 « Jefferson, we have to talk »... p.130 "food for the living, too, he said."
  • Extract 6: p. 184 "How's ït going, partner?"... p.186 (end)
  • Extract 7: p.248 "I went around to the back of the church" p.249 "My faith is in you Jefferson.
  • Darren Rigby's page of links
  • Glossaire : http://www.cliffsnotes.com/literature/l/a-lesson-before-dying/study-help/full-glossary-for-a-lesson-before-dying

Golding (William)

Lord Of the Flies

Goodis (David)

The Long Passage

Haddon Mark

The Curious Incident Of The Dog in the Night-Time

Hawthorne (Nathaniel)

The Scarlet letter

  • Going PLaces 2nde, p.148
  • On Target Term, page 175-7

Heaney (Seamus)

  • And Hope and History Rhyme", Password 1ère, p.128

Hemingway (Ernest)

For Whom The Bell Tolls

Hornby (Nick)

About a Boy

  • Bridges Term Techno, p.40
  • Bridges 2nde, p.78

Hughes (Ted)

Hughes (Langston)

  • "I, too, sing America", Going Places Term, p.98

Huxley (Aldous)

Brave New World

  • Broadways, 1ère techno, p.58
  • Bridges 1ère, p.118
  • Password 1ère, p.144

Ishiguro (Kasuo)

The Remains of the Day

  • Project 1ère, p.54

Jackson (Shirley)

"The Lottery" (short story)

James (Henry)

Washington Square

  • Prime Time 1ère, p.22

Johnston (Jennifer)

How Many Miles to Babylon

Keats (John)

Ode to a Nightingale

Selected Poems


On the Road

  • Enjoy Literature p.174-175
  • New Bridges 1ère p.52-53
  • New Missions TLe pp184- 187
  • Password 1ère, p.71
  • Team Up, p.48
  • Shortcuts 1ère, p.99



An article about the inspiration for the poem : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1146109/The-remarkable-story-Rudyard-Kiplings-If--swashbuckling-renegade-inspired-it.html

Kureishi (Hanif):

the Buddha of Suburbia

  • Insight Term, p.152
  • Open Minds 1ère, p.56

Lee (Harper)

To Kill a Mocking Bird

Le Fanu (Sheridan)


  • Meeting Point 1ère, p.63

Le Guin (Ursula K.)

The First Contact with the Gorgonids

  • Bridges Term Techno, p.120

Lessing (Doris) :

the Fifth Child

Martel (Yann) :

Life of Pi

Maupin (Armistead)

Tales of the City

  • Shortcuts 1ère, p.100

Mc Cullers (Carson)

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

Melville (Hermann)

Billy Budd

Miller (Arthur)

Death of a Salesman

  • Partners 1ère (Nathan) p.18-21
  • Shortcuts 1ère, p.145

Morrison (Toni)


  • Password 1ère, p.95
  • Missions Term, pages 152-3


  • Going PLaces Term, p.102

The Bluest Eye

Naidoo (Beverly):

The Other Side of Truth

  • Dossier de l'Académie de Grenoble d'Odile Gouget, professeur au Lycée Saint Marc à Nivolas Vermelle (38):


  • Standpoints n°34 Worksheet page 41


The Painter of Signs

O'Connor (Flannery)

Good Country People

  • Insight Term, p.166-167

Orwell( Georges)

Animal Farm

  • Impact 1ère techno, p.123
  • Voices 2nde, p.38
  • Password Literature, pages 66-76

Nineteen Eighty-Four

  • Going Places Term, p.144
  • Bridges 1ère, p.114
  • Password Literature (Didier), page 77
  • Discovering Literature, page 56

Pinter (Harold) :

The Caretaker

Plath (Sylvia)

Poe (Edgar)

The Tell-Tale Heart

  • Discovering Literature, page 64

The Cask of the Amontillado

The Fall of the House of Usher

Rhys (Jean)

Wide Sargasso Sea

Rice (Anne)

Interview with a Vampire

  • Voices 2nde, p.120

Roy (Arundhati)

The God of Small Things

  • Going PLaces 2nde, p.142

Salinger (J.D.)

Shaffer(Mary Ann):

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

Shakespeare :


Julius Caesar

  • Insight 1ère, p.102

King Lear

  • On Target Term pages 171-2


Midsummer Night's dream

Much Ado About Nothing

Romeo and Juliet

Shaw (George Bernard)


  • Insight 1ère, p.44
  • Shortcuts 1ère, p.84

Shelley (Mary)


Steinbeck (John)

The Grapes of Wrath

  • Enjoy Literature, p.126.
  • Password 1ère, p.62
  • Discovering Literature, page 73
  • Voices Term (2005) page153
  • Missions Term, page 200-3

Of Mice and Men

Stevenson (Robert Louis)

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Stocker (Bram)


Tan (Amy)

The Joy Luck Club

  • Voices 2nde, p.24
  • Missions 1ère, p.41

Taylor (Kressmann)

Address Unknown


The Lady of Shalott

Thurber (James)

The married couple in this cartoon are based on Thurber's first marriage. His wife was domineering, aggressive, and always the more practical one. Thurber was a hen-pecked husband and when he wrote this story (1939) he was on the verge of blindness. Being mostly blind Thurber saw a lot of things that weren't there. "For the hawk eyed person life has none of the soft edges which for me blur into fantasy…” -James Thurber

Twain (Mark)

Huckleberry Finn

  • Voices 2nde, p.94
  • Insight 1ère, p.156

Tom Sawyer

  • Discovering Literature, page 85

Wilde (Oscar)

The Importance of Being Earnest

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Williams (Tennessee)

The Glass Menagerie

  • Broadways 1ère techno, p.114
  • Voices 2nde, p.64

Woolf (Virginia):

Short Stories

Wright (Richard)

Black Boy

Yeats (William Butler)