Liste de Sujets de Bac sur le Travail

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Cette page est une sous-partie de la liste thématique des sujets de bac :


  • L LV1 Métropole septembre 2007, adapted from Penelope Lively, Cleopatra's Sister, 1993, about the birth of a vocation for palaeontology (also about childhood, family relationships and marriage)

  • ES S LV1 Amérique du Nord 2008 :extract from Restless by William Boyd (working for the Secret services)

  • ES/S LV1 Asie 2008 Text adapted from Fred Muratori, in True Tales Of American Life, 2001. ( looking for a job when you are older )

  • ES S LV1 Septembre 2007 :extract from Annie MacCartney, Your cheatin’ heart (finding a job, about Irish immigration)

  • ES S LV1 2005, extract from Maya Angelou's I know why the Caged Bird Sings. A young girl decides to beccome a tramway driver (women in the world of work /gender gap).

  • ES S LV1 Amérique du Nord - hors session 2004 extract from Woman to Woman by Cathy Kelly (the first day of work for a housewife)

  • STG STI LV1 Pondichéry 2011 extract from the Guardian 08 2010 by Kate Mc Cann (being an astronaut - also about space travel)

  • STI LV1 Guadeloupe - Guyane - Martinique - juin 2005 extract from Home Truths by David Lodge ( a journalist interviews a celebrity)

  • STG STI LV1 Métropole 2005 extrait de The Job by Douglas Kennedy (boss/clerk relationship, working in a call centre)

  • STG STI LV1 Pondichéry - hors session 2004 extract from A Patchwork Planet by Ann Tyler ( Working on New Year's Day, relationship between old and young, Family relationships, Loneliness)

  • STG STI LV1 Grèce 2002 extract from Jeffrey Archer, "A la Carte", in A Twist in the Tale, 1988 ( Discussion about a factory job, also about Family Relationships)

  • STG STI LV1 Métropole 2002 extract from The Firm, John Grisham (working in a law firm, also about love and Marriage)


  • L S LV2 Liban 2011 : extract from the pursuit of happiness by Douglas Kennedy (writing vs working)

  • L S LV2 Liban 2010 : extract from the devil wears Prada by Lauren Kinsella (career opportunity)

  • L/S-LV2 septembre 2009 extract from Almost French by Sarah Turnbull (a gap year for an Australian, France seen from abroad) ;

  • S L LV2 Polynésie 2005 extract from Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul II, by Robin Hyatt (volunteer work with handicapped people)

  • S L LV2 2003 extract from One for my baby by Tony Parsons (Teaching , working to get an education)

  • S L LV2 2003 Adapted from Newsweek, July 22-29, 2002 (about volunteer work, charities)

  • STG LV2 septembre 2009 article from USA today (volunteer work after Katrina) ;

  • STG LV2 Metropole septembre 2008 another extract from The Firm, John Grisham (working in a law firm, also about love and Marriage)