Organiser Des Débats Citoyens: Liste Thématique de Sujets

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Liste de sujets de débats par thèmes (page en construction):


Art and Leisure

Fashion contributes to our society

Music can change the world.

Quotas for French songs on the radio are a good thing.


A party can’t be a good party without alcohol.

Smoking should be banned in public places

Smoking should be prohibited

Soft drugs should be legalized

Soft drugs should be banned.


Famous people can have a private life.

The life of a public figure should be kept private

City Life

It’s a good thing to live in a modern city.

Living in a big city is great!


Cars do more harm than good.

Ecology is a hypocrisy.

Ecology should be the governments' priority.

Protecting the environment is the Green Party’s business.

Public transport should be free.

The whole planet is responsible for the greenhouse effect.

We should stop using nuclear energy to create electricity.

Ethics, science and moral questions

Behaving as a citizen implies showing solidarity with others

Euthanasia is murder

Experimentation on animals should be banned.

Experiments on animals are necessary to prepare new drugs.

For or against human cloning?

For or against organ transplant?

Is Science going too far ?

It is always desirable to tell the truth.

Scientific research should be regulated.

There are things which cannot be.

We need the past to prepare the future.


Eating meat is unethical

For or against Mc Donald’s

Fresh food is a thing of the past.

Genetically modified food should be illegal.

There should be a tax on junk food.

Human Relationships

A hero must forgive her/ his opponents.

Family life is the most important in a child’s development.

It is better to be married than single.

It is no fun being young.

It is possible to be both old and happy!

Life was easier 50 years ago / Life is easier nowadays.

Love is more important than money.

Marriage is an outdated institution.

Nice parents are parents who let their children do what they want.

People should live together before getting married.

People communicate more than ever.

People are happier/ richer/ more intelligent nowadays.

The younger generation knows best.

The State–and not families-should provide for the needs of the elderly.

Immigration/ Foreigners

Dual nationality should be given to foreigners.

Foreigners should be allowed to vote

Immigration should be limited

Information and Culture

All the news is fit to print

Being "over informed" enables to be objective

Sharing the same culture and languages is the best way to prevent wars in the future.

Should a journalist risk his life for information?

There should be limits to the freedom of the press.

The internationalization of mass culture is a threat to our national identity

International Relationships

Globalization is Americanization

Rich countries should help under-developed countries..

The British Empire still rules the world


Is the supremacy of English justified?

Learning foreign languages is essential in today’s society.

Law and Justice

European law overrules every country law

For or against the death penalty?

For or against the imprisonment of minors?

Imprisonment is the solution to delinquency

Voting at 16 years old.


A wife shouldn’t earn more money than her husband.

Love is more important than money.

Money is the most important thing in life.

Money makes happiness.

Poverty leads to criminality.

Shopping is boring.

Shops must be open on Sundays.

Shopping on line is killing shops / Shopping online is better than in-store purchasing.

New Technologies and TV

Digital technologies have made our lives better.

It's a good thing for teachers to use social media to communicate with pupils.

Life was better without the Internet.

Mobile phones limit freedom.

Mobile phones are a necessity in our life today.

Mobile phones are the best and the greatest modern invention.

Newspapers are a thing of the past.

New technologies are harmful to people.

New technologies are a must-have to learn and teach.

People could live without mobile phones.

Reality TV should be banned.

Social networks are good / bad for society.

Technology is driving people apart.

The internet is a dangerous area of freedom.

The internet has changed our lives (for the best / for the worst).

TV makes people more intelligent.

TV plays a positive role in society.

Tv shows teach us real life.

Violence on TV should be banned.

You can find your love partner on the Internet.


All schools should be single-sex.

Equality of opportunities at school is mere utopia

Is the school the only group that should educate?

Parents have become too permissive/ are too permissive nowadays.

School is the best form of education.

School has become a dangerous place to be.

The future of education is in computers.

The school leaving age should be 14 years old.

We should go back to a stricter education.

Your school years are the best years of your life


Ath­letes are enter­tainers.

If sports people want to be the best, they must take drugs.

Motor sports should be banned.

Should athletes taking drugs be penalized?

Should sport stars be positive role models ?

Sport and money are compatible.

Team sports are better than indi­vidual sports for edu­cation.

The Olympic Games have become too expensive.


Censorship is a necessity, even in a democracy

The internet is a dangerous area of freedom


Hitch-hiking is the best way to travel.

Space tourism should be prohibited.

Travel broadens the mind.

Travelling is a means of education.

Violence and War

For or against professional armed forces?

It takes a war for civilization to progress.

Peace at all cost

Putting an end to military service was a mistake.

The world has become more violent.

Violence is the only way to get what you want. No violence. No gain


Men and women are more equal than ever.

Women are born to be Desperate Housewives

Women should be treated the same as men

Women should quit their job after they get married

Women should stay at home and look after their children.