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Essential Reading

Conrad on the art of fiction (Introduction to The Nigger of the Narcissus) here

Conrad and exile (text by Edward Said) there

"Reflections on Exile" (excerpts) by Edward Said (1984)

"Between Worlds" by Edward Said: "The first thing to acknowledge is the loss of home and language in the new setting, a loss that Conrad has the severity to portray as irredeemable, relentlessly anguished, raw, untreatable, always acute - which is why I have found myself over the years reading and writing about Conrad like a cantus firmus, a steady groundbass to much that I have experienced." (More on The London Review of Books).

Fredric Jameson on Lord Jim (from The Political Unconscious, Methuen, 1981): a brilliant marxist/post-structuralist analysis of Lord Jim (excerpt)

"The Other" in Lord Jim, by Claire (member of the Agreg-Ink forum)


Joseph Conrad's life and works

A comprehensive selection of Conrad's work on the Gutenberg Project

A biography of Conrad by Books and Writers

Conrad on the Victorian Web (historical context)


Criticism on Joseph Conrad

Conrad and Impressionism by John G. Peters (pdf document)

Some recent articles on Conrad from the The Joseph Conrad Society of America

Life Sentences: The Art of Joseph Conrad by Joseph Epstein (New Criterion, 1994): "Mr. Conrad has no ideas, but he has a point of view, a 'world'; it can hardly be defined, but it pervades his work and is unmistakable." (T. S. Eliot, "Kipling Revividus")

On Marlow ("Beyond Mastery: the Future of Conrad's Beginnings") by Geoffrey Galt Harpham National Humanities Center, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709)

"Solitude versus Solidarity in the Novels of Joseph Conrad: Political and Epistemological Implications of Narrative Innovation": a review Ursula Lord. McGill's book by Mark Levene

By The Conradian, Journal of the Joseph Conrad Society (UK): Recent books on J. Conrad
Joseph Conrad and the Imperial Romance
Solitude vs. Solidarity in the Novels of Joseph Conrad
(Ursula Lord, Solitude versus Solidarity in the Novels of Joseph Conrad: Political and Epistemological Implications of Narrative Innovation. Montreal: McGill-Queen's University Press, 1998)
Conrad and Masculinity

Joseph Conrad and the Modernist Sensibility
("Like painting, like music...": Joseph Conrad and the Modernist Sensibility by Pamela King, Nathan, Queensland: the Coop Bookshop, 1996
Aspects of Conrad's Literary Language

Gothicism in Conrad and Dostoïevsky by Robert Berry (Department of English, University of Otago, New Zealand) from "Deep South" v.1 n.2 (May, 1995)


Criticism on Lord Jim

The "Editions du Temps" have published "Lord Jim de Joseph Conrad", a book edited by Nathalie Martinière. The first chapter of the book is available on the following link: Conrad's Lord Jim and the Fragment: narrative, genre, history (pdf, 224 ko, 11 pages)

The Moral Sense in Conrad's Lord Jim by George A. Panichas (University of Maryland)

A site by SparkNotes with full text, summary, some study questions and a brief analysis

Barrons BookNotes on Lord Jim (the author and his times, characters, term paper ideas, glossary)

Joseph Conrad discussion deck